Amor de Mar

The hotel’s intention is to benefit the local community and to respect the delicate ecosystem in which it resides. We are a boutique hotel based on sustainable principles and the love for Nature.

A love story

History of Amor de Mar

“So how much is it?” That was the joke that turned into the rest of our lives. 

Ori, Amor de Mar Founder

Long story short is that we bought the hotel in 1991 while on vacation. We did not arrive with the intention to purchase anything but it was a spontaneous decision we never regretted. 

At the time Montezuma was a dirt road with little to no infrastructure. A true oasis that only received adventurous travelers as it was much harder to reach at the time. Our first morning in Montezuma we walked and came across a tranquil setting which is now the lawn of the hotel. Speaking to the owners of the property we inquired about renting the little casita that was next to the hotel and were told, “if you want to rent you have to buy”. 

“So how much is it?” That was the joke that turned into the rest of our lives. 

I have been running this hotel for over 30 years, I raised my children here and can only look back with appreciation for that fateful day. 

Ori, Amor de Mar Founder


We support the local community

Amor de Mar actively supports the local community of Montezuma. We try our best to get all we need from local producers and have established partnertships with local business so you and your family can discover the real Costa Rica.


The hotel has two eco-friendly villas and nine rooms to welcome you and your family to Montezuma. In front you will find the sea and a natural tidepool. Amor de Mar operates on eco-friendly principles. We only use 100% biodegradable cleaning materials, dish wash and laundry soap. The bathrooms are equipped with water saving toilets and instant energy saving hot water heaters. We recycle and encourage visitors to refill their water bottles in our lobby.

Ready to help you

Our Family

A small family hotel ready to provide you the best service during your holidays.

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